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Welcome to O'Haras Public House! North Barrie's Irish Pub! 420 Leacock Drive, Barrie ON (705) 252-7242

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Appetizers • Gearu Goile

Pot Roast Sliders   
slow-braised beef on small sesame buns     $9
toasted baguette topped with parmesan, savoury tomatoes, feta, onions, and balsamic reduction     $8
Gaelic Cheesy Garlic Bread     
potato scallion bread topped with shredded mozzarella and cheddar     $8
Crispy Pickle Spears  
breaded and served with our house-made chips and dill sauce     $7
Killarney Potato Skins
smothered with cheese, bacon, and green onion and filled with creamed leek   $7
Leprechaun Leek Dip
a mix of cheeses, leeks, and bacon served with our house-made chips     $8
Potato Leek Soup
house-made and served with a side of bread     $4

Salads • Sailead

mixed greens and iceberg with beets, cucumber, tomatoes, and pickled onions with blue cheese and a tarragon lemon vinaigrette     $8
crisp romaine, bacon, and parmesan dressed with creamy garlic dressing     $8
tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, feta, and romaine tossed with a citrus oregano vinaigrette     $8

Sandwiches • Ceapaire

Roast Beef  Dip
seasoned, thinly-sliced beef piled high on a baguette and topped with Guinness-braised onions and Swiss cheese    $ 12
Irish Grilled Cheese
delicious potato scallion bread, cheddar and Guinness-braised onions     $9
Thistle Chicken
pepper-crusted chicken breast on a baguette topped with cheddar, bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and green onion mayo     $12
All sandwiches come with your choice of chips, fries, salad or soup

Burgers • Borgaire

Irish Cheese
house-made beef patty topped with cheddar and Guinness-braised onions     $13
pepper-crusted patty smothered in brandy peppercorn gravy and topped with onion strings  $12
St. Paddy’s Patty
a green pea and garbanzo bean vegetarian burger topped with guacamole     $10
All burgers come with your choice of chips, fries, salad or soup

Pub Fare • Teaghlach

Irish Nachos
our house-made potato chips smothered with cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos, and beef or vegetarian chili, served with sour cream and salsa    $14
add fresh guacamole     $1
Chicken Curry Fries
chef’s secret curry recipe over hand-cut fries     $9
Fish & Chips
Guinness-battered haddock with hand-cut fries     $14       half order     $11
Pick of the Pies
have our traditional Shepherd’s Pie     $12
or choose our feature ever-changing house-made pie (ask your server for today’s creation)     $11
lightly dusted, served with chips and veggie sticks     1 lb.    $12              2 lb.    $20
sauces: lemon pepper, cajun, sea salt and pepper, mild, medium, hot, hot and honey, hot and creamy garlic, spicy thai, bbq, hotter than Irish hell
Chicken Fingers
panko-crusted chicken breast strips served with hand-cut fries    $ 11
Public Plate
a tasty sampling of some of our favourite appetizers: chicken wings, chicken fingers, Killarney potato skins, and Irish nachos     $22

Perfect for sharing. No substitutions please